Live Events Audio & Sound System Rental 

     Indigo Productions has been the best source for live events audio for over 40 years. Our expansive inventory of professional audio equipment enables us to handle live events of every size and shape from small breakout rooms to large arenas.

Call or Email Indigo Productions to book your Live Sound solutions today. 1+ (716)836-2930


Indigo Productions has a vast inventory of EAW loudspeakers including all sizes of line arrays, stage monitors and subwoofers.

Call Indigo about adding EAW Loudspeakers to your event today. 1+ (716)836-2930 email:

Indigo Productions Sound System Rentals

Indigo’s newly expanded inventory of QSC K.2 series loudspeakers are a rental industry standard. Call Indigo about adding sound to your event today. 1+ (716)836-2930 email:

Live sound is constantly evolving and our audio techs and engineers are constantly learning and training on the newest technology. Events are done better with Indigo Productions Audio Department. 

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Indigo productions Sound System rental

Indigo Productions has an enormous inventory of live sound equipment available for rent from manufacturers like EAW, Midas, LabGruppen, QSC, Yorkville, Shure, Audiotechnica and many more. Rent your sound system from Indigo. 1+ (716)836-2930



Indigo Sound System Rentals & Service

Indigo is the trusted audio provider for social and enterprising live events.

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Indigo IEM & Wireless Microphones

Call Indigo about adding wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems to your event.

photocredit: Alex Killion   Midas Pro2

photocredit: Alex Killion

Midas Pro2

Midas Pro1 with outboard H3K.

Midas Pro1 with outboard H3K.


Arena Sound

EAW KF760 Line Array

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